Research “Volunteering among youth in Vojvodina”

What motivates young people to volunteer? How did they start their engagement? What do they like about volunteering, and what could be better? What role does volunteering play in their lives? And in what ways to interest others in such a social engagement? These are some of the issues that are at the center of this research, which aims to better understand young people who volunteer in Serbia, more precisely in Vojvodina. The answers to these questions are based on qualitative interviews conducted with 16 volunteers between the ages of 16 and 35 and three volunteer coordinators. The research is divided into six chapters, which deal with: existing research on the topic of volunteering and motives for volunteering in general, as well as research from Serbia, research methods in more detail, analysis results, conclusions and bibliography. You can download the research here ->

Handbook on implementing workshops with an inclusive approach

Within the project “Youth (soli)dares”, supported by the City Administration for Sports and Youth of the City of Novi Sad as part of the Local Action Plan for Youth of the City of Novi Sad, a Handbook on implementing workshops with an inclusive approach was created. The aim of the project was to encourage cooperation and connection of young people from Novi Sad with marginalized groups living in the city. The handbook seeks to provide basic tools for those who wish to organize inclusive activities based on non-formal education (workshops). You can download the manual here ->

"Free to be you and me: a handbook for youth workers, volunteer coordinators, trainers”

The handbook, intended for youth workers, volunteer coordinators and trainers, is an abbreviated version (in Serbian) of the “Free to be you and me” handbook. The handbook provides information on gender and sexuality, together with practical guidelines and tools that are easy to use, in order to help the organizers of various activities to address the topic of gender and sexuality. The aim of this handbook is to help make activities safer and more inclusive for all, regardless of gender identity or sexuality. You can download the manual here ->

“Magic Hands”

The book “Magic Hands” is the result of two workcamps held in Tavankut (Vojvodina) and Plemetina (Kosovo) during the summer of 2015. The book, in English, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian and Romani, documents the coexistence of Roma and Bunjevci with a group of volunteers as well as numerous techniques and instructions related to the art of straw as well as the art of making pearl jewelry. The book was completely written and designed by volunteers, and the project was realized by the Volunteer Center of Vojvodina, GAIA Kosovo and SCI Switzerland. You can download the book here ->

Report “Citizens beyond walls”

The international report “Citizens beyond walls” on the growth and activities of right-wing extremist groups in Europe, conducted in cooperation with 8 other European organizations that participated together with the Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina in the project “Citizens beyond walls” (“Citizens beyond walls” ) whose goal is to raise the awareness of citizens on the topic of tolerance and respect for diversity. You can download the report here->

Act now! Getting involved in green activism in the Western Balkans

The summer school on environmental activism, organized by IPSIA Bosnia and Herzegovina, Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina, and GAIA Kosovo, aimed to strengthen the network of Civil Society Organizations in the Western Balkans focusing on environmental activism. It has facilitated new forms of social mobilization on environmental issues and encouraged participation across different age groups. This report presents some of the inputs shared by the lecturers during the summer school itself. For more information click here->

Permaculture is revolution disguised as gardening

In October 2021, Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina organized theoretical and practical workshops aimed at introducing young people to the principles and ethics of permaculture design. This short publication is the result of a process of learning, thinking and questioning ourselves on issues such as the relationship between the three ethics of permaculture (Earth care, People care, Fair share) and practical elements/aspects of the society we live in and on which we want to, by spreading permaculture practices, have a positive impact. The texts are conceived as an introduction to permaculture for beginners and we have chosen them in accordance with the topics they cover, but also with links to current issues to which permaculture can provide certain answers. For more information click here->

Learning journal No ESCape from Reflection

The Learning Journal, created within the “No ESCape from Reflection” is a collection of resources, exercises, and materials designed for volunteers and mentors. The journal covers diverse themes like travel, well-being, money and consumption, permaculture, and important dates. Its structure allows flexibility, allowing volunteers and mentors to use the materials independently or jointly, in their preferred order, and select the ones they find most engaging. This initiative seeks to enhance the quality of support for international volunteers and mentors, emphasizing the importance of learning and reflection. Download the journal by clicking here->

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