Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina

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Novi Sad

In Novi Sad and neighboring areas, Volunteers’ Center of Vojvodina organizes volunteer, educational and social activities.


Volunteer camps, also known worldwide as "workcamps", are a unique experience for each participating volunteer as well as for the communities they are organized in.


ESC is a program targeting the youth, ages 17 to 30, to provide them with an opportunity to volunteer in a country in Europe.

Youth exchanges

Youth Exchanges allow young people to spend a period of one to three weeks with a group of peers from at least one other country, in their own country or abroad, learning about issues and topics that are important to them.

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volunteers participated
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VCV collaborates with numerous organizations from Serbia and abroad. Since 2008, it has become a branch of SCI (Service Civil International) – a peace network that brings together organizations around the world.

Our Team

Lea Čikoš

Lea Čikoš is an intercultural trainer in non-formal education, social therapy practitioner, youth worker, organizer, mentor, activist, and world traveller. She was born and raised in Novi Sad and lives and works throughout Europe. Lea is an associate at the East Side Institute and an alumnus of the “International Class” program. Since 2005, she has been involved in the development of the Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina. During her time with the organization, she assisted with everything from cooking soup, cleaning toilets, running camps and projects, coordinating the organization to joining various committees. Today, she is part of the organization’s board. She is part of the pool of trainers for the French-German youth office. She studied Environmental Sciences and Romology. She is a veterinary nurse and loves turtles.

Tara Lekić

Tara Lekić was born in Novi Sad, where she graduated in French language and literature. For two years, she has been a volunteer at the VCV, engaged in youth work and leading intercultural exchanges. She is also active in the youth center CK13, where she organizes film screenings as part of the Art Bioskop collective, and hosts a radio show about film. She is interested in theater and creative writing, and how to use them as methods for working with young people.

Helena Poučki

Helena Poucki is a native of Becej. She has been involved with the Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina since its founding activities and projects, mostly focused on environmental and nature topics. For the last few years, she has been living in Kosovo and working for the NGO GAIA, a sister organization of VCV. Between Kosovo and Serbia, she spent several years in Croatia, at the Young Bear Shelter in Kuterevo and the Zagreb Volunteer Center. Her passion for the state of nature and society focused her to contribute her activities and projects on permaculture, natural construction, climate justice and solidarity, hoping to build a slightly better world.

Francesca Fornari

She was born in Italy, where she completed a master’s degree in Social Pedagogy and was involved in the work of several collectives and organizations. She came to Serbia through the paths of activism and non-formal education and has been acting as a coordinator for the Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina since April 2020. In her free time and work, she enjoys pedagogical and community work, reading and gardening.

Ida Boka

Ida Boka, one of VCV’s funding members, operates in the fields of journalism, youth work and community building. Born in Novi Sad, completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Community-based youth work, has been working as a journalist since 2011. After years of work at VCV as well as other organizations and collective in Novi Sad, in 2019 she moves to Donji Tavankut, near Subotica, where she works in the fields of journalism as well as youth education, with a focus on the field of migrations. She recently established her own organization in Subotica, dealing with the promotion of healthy lifestyles through yoga, movement, workshops, and other. She strongly believes that community building involves all existing actors in the process, regardless of their language, origin and personal opinions, and that it is possible to gather everyone around one table: the question is just how. She is one of the Board’s members (probably) for the third time.

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