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Description: Pidkamin is a village in Lviv region, famous for its picturesque landscapes, Devils’ rocks, and medieval monastery of XIII century. Monastery was not only place of worship, but also a fortress during wars. A lot of famous architects and artists have contributed to its construction and decoration in XVII-XIX. It had tragic history during XX (concentration camp of Soviets in the 30s, Nazi occupation, in USSR was converted to psychiatric hospital). Now it is monastery again, and monks are conducting renovation works. The aim of the project is to contribute to renovation of the monastery.

Type of work: Removing soil and ‘historic layers’ on the territory of the monastery. Be ready for monotonous and sometimes hard work!

Study theme: Аbout history of the monastery and the region. The volunteers will have an opportunity to learn a lot about Ukrainian traditions and culture.

Accommodation: Оn the territory of the monastery in one of the buildings. Bring a sleeping bag. A person from the monastery will be cooking for the volunteers. During weekends volunteers will prepare food for themselves.

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Description: Chernivtsi is a city in Western Ukraine, famous for its history, architecture and multi-ethnic community. Before WW2 the city had large Jewish community, which played an important role in the development of the city. During WW2, Jewish population was greatly decimated by deportation and murder. Of those left alive at the end of the war, most emigrated. The Jewish cemetery, founded in 1866, is now the only obvious monument to once large Jewish community, it is one of the biggest historic Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Ukraine. The aim of the project is to contribute to preserving the cemetery. 2017 is the 10th anniversary of this workcamp!

Type of work: As this year is special 10th year of the workcamp, we would like to make something memorable during the project. That’s why we invite volunteers who are experienced in video making. If you want to contribute to the anniversary other way please write us how 🙂 We are open for nice and creative ideas!

But! The main task of the workcamp is clearing the cemetery of vines and bushes, possibly some simple restoration work.

Study theme: The culture and history of the region and city, with an emphasis on the various ethnic minorities. Several thematic excursions could be organized – to Chernivtsi university (UNESCO world heritage site), former Hasidic residence and cemetery, guided tour „Jewish Chernivtsi“, visit to Jewish museum, meetings with local NGOs and synagogue. This camp is part of the No-More-War campaign of SCI, which highlights pacifism and non-violence, see www.no-more-war.net

Accommodation: In the students dormitory. Volunteers will cook for themselves. Bring a sleeping bag.

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