jul 20

Workcamp Magic Hands has finished!


Tavankut is so quiet today! The seminars are over. The holiday’s passed. The first workcamp Magic Hands is finished. We had amazing time learning and sharing for this past 10 days. What we take home are great memories of the lovely time we spent with people of Tavankut; friendships and plans to come back. We made …

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jul 18

Letnja pauza


Evo letnjeg obaveštenja za sve koji nas prate, podržavaju, dolaze, čitaju, zovu, druže se i rade s nama! Vreli su dani došli, ljudi se razbežali na razne strane, kampovi su glavne zvezde volonterske scene. U skladu sa opštom letnjom atmosferom, mi pravimo našu uobičajenu veliku letnju pauzu, od ponedeljka, 20. jula, pa sve do 1. …

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jul 18

Behind the scenes of Magic Hands 6.

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We are arriving to the end of our workcamp. The photos taken, tutorials written, the stories transfer to paper…Would you like to know how to write a good book? If yes, you can get inspired by our journey. First of all, let your creativity bloom! Team work is also very important Working hard doesn’t mean …

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jul 16

Magic Hands 5. – smile – you are at the workcamp!


Today we learned new art materials to make earrings, rings, brooch… so we can be even more beautiful with them 😛 Again, chatting with slamarke was very inspiring. There was a ’top ten moment’: a volunteer asked for a joke about straw artists, and one was followed by another one… See the photos, our faces explain …

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jul 15

Magic Hands 4. – our first Magic Results


Today we finally began making straw art! Our slamarka Kata showed us how to make ornament for Christmas tree. It took us some time, but our final product was amazing! See yourself:)   Ok, amazingly…different:) We are still learning. „Niko se nije rodio učen“  – as women here say. Becoming slamarka is a life-long process:)

jul 14

EVS u Italiji


Ako imate između 18 i 30 godina, želite da budete ili jeste aktivisti, i u potrazi ste za odgovarajućim EVS projektom, a spremni da krenete na isti uskoro i ostanete godinu dana (od 20. avgusta 2015. do 30. avgusta 2016), evo jedne prilike koja se ne propušta! Radi se o izuzetnom, socijalno veoma angažovanom EVS-u, …

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jul 14

Magic Hands 3. How to prepare slama?

With our hands full of stories about slamarke and knowledge about local community, we are ready to work with straw. But before we start creating art we have go through quite long and tiresome process of cleaning and preparing the straw. Fortunately it’s a great opportunity for socializing with women and you can be sure …

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jul 13

„Magic Hands“ Tavankut day 2.


Before we even start to learn how to make art out of straw we need to see where it comes from. In the second day of our workcamp „Magic Hands“ we went to the field! We were lucky to take part in a special event, talk to local people and even try to cut the …

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jul 12

Kamp „Magic Hands“ u Tavankutu je počeo…

DSC_0834 - Copy

The day 1. of Magic Hands in Tavankut has passed. First experiences, first lessons, first friends:) We are ready to finally meet slamarke…   Come back for more stories tomorrow…

jun 25

Poziv za omladinsku razmenu: Active Summer in Kuterevo

fotografija br 1

Active Summer in Kuterevo MOUNTAINS CONNECTING PEOPLE Call for participants Youth exchange “Active summer in Kuterevo” (CROATIA) 19th of August – 30th of August 2015 In August, 25 young people coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Russia will gather in Kuterevo Bear Refuge for 10 days. This part of the YE will tackle variety …

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