Tech support

Old computers, tablets and laptops get a new look! At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, on Facebook groups and other online communities we came across numerous appeals from parents, pupils and students who were looking for donated tablets, computers or laptops so that they could continue their education in the online environment. The sudden transition to online teaching has led to a large number of children and young people being left out of the education system: one in ten students has been unable to attend classes during the state of emergency.

“Tech Support” aimed at collecting old desktop computers, their components, laptops and tablets to support children and young people in the education system: with the support of volunteers with experience and knowledge of hardware and software, and citizens and associations who donated devices, 25 children and young people from Novi Sad and Vojvodina received functional devices, and one elementary school received 4 computers for the computer room. Also, a large amount of electronic waste was handed over to the company for further recycling.

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