Literary Club: Reading Cultures

The “Reading Cultures” project that we organize in collaboration with the informal book club called “Književni klabing” (Literary Clubbing) involves organizing 5 reading clubs in which books from the region – Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Turkey, and Serbia – will be read, discussed, and analyzed. The aim is to familiarize the reading audience of Novi Sad with writers, but also with the cultures and everyday life of these areas.

The meetings are held every 3 weeks, and books can be borrowed from the VCV office every working day from 9 am to 5 pm. After the end of the meetings, the participants will have the opportunity to appear on the literary podcast show “Knjigofilija” (“Bookophilia”) and share their impressions of the books they have read. Additionally, the project will conclude with a book exchange that will be open to everyone, so everyone will be able to bring their books, but also take those that they like!

The project is supported through the Regional Network for Cultural Diversity (READ).

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