Citizen beyond walls

Citizens beyond walls Citizens beyond walls was an action lasting 16 months, which included organizations from eight countries: Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina, Utilapu (Hungary), CVS (Bulgaria), SCI Germany, SCI – Catalonia, SCI Hellas (Greece), VIA (Netherlands), SCI and Associazione 21 Luglio (Italy).

The project, implemented within the European Year of Citizens, aimed to promote inclusive policies to respect the rights of citizens in Europe, with a special focus on newcomers and minorities. The European Union is facing worrying growth in right-wing extremist groups, which have had a major impact on media and politics in several countries, and have slowed the inclusion of newcomers (migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees) and marginalized citizens (such as the Roma and other groups). Extreme right-wing groups pose a threat to peace in Europe: peace is not only the absence of conflict, but also a situation in which all citizens have access to rights.

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