Balkan steps

BalkanSteps is a blog initiated by volunteers from Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina. The idea for the blog came from the desire to spread information and experiences on the arrival and stay of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in Serbia, the Balkans and Europe, as well as to provide those who want to contribute with the opportunity to get involved. During 2015. we organized many activities and actions in order to raise awareness about the situation at that time, collected and donated clothes, organized workshop.

At that time, the borders of the countries along the so-called Balkan route were still open, and a huge number of people arrived every day, so we had to react quickly to provide the necessary assistance. We recognized the need to create a special platform for the exchange of experiences and information among like-minded people: we plan to carry out more solidarity actions in the future, and the blog will serve to document them and spread first-hand information about what is happening on the field.

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