dec 06

EVS projekat u Danskoj u JANUARU!!!

Evo jedne odlične prilike da već u januaru neko od vas ode na dugoročno EVS volontiranje na već odobren projekat u Danskoj! 🙂
Sve što treba da uradite je da popunite formular i pošaljete ga do 12.decembra na



Project start: 15/01/2018

Project end: 30/06/2018


The Department of Health and Care of the municipality of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city located on the east coast of Jutland, is looking for a volunteer for one of their nursing homes who is interested in the field of health and care.


The aim of the project is to fight loneliness and social exclusion amongst elderly people and to help them achieve a better and happier life. The volunteer will be a part of the daily routine in the nursing home and will participate and be involved in many different tasks and activities involving seniors and elderly citizens.


Example of tasks where the volunteer will contribute – depending on interest and skills:

  • Social activities, for instance card or board games, enjoying a meal together
  • Physical activities, for instance gardening, walking, dancing and sports/fitness (active ageing)
  • Musical activities for and with the elderly people, such as music and singing
  • Creative activities for instance knitting/embroidery, painting, drawing, and ceramics
  • Participate in excursions/tours with the elderly outside the nursing home/local Community Centre
  • Be involved in planning and organizing different activities and projects for the elderly, e.x. “Wine Club”, “Men’s Night”, “Biking Without Age” or “Value Stock”.


Candidates applying should be:

  • motivated to work with elderly
  • interested in the field of health and care
  • willing to learn from staff in order to set up activities for the elderly in the area of health, outdoor, music and art
  • interested and willing to put their skills and efforts in the work with elderly


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